Beyond musical excellence or singing songs on a Sunday, our vision is to raise up, equip and release a generation of 24-7 worshippers who live an authentic life of worship to God, day in and day out. That’s our heartbeat.

We believe that church should be overflowing with musical and creative expression that glorifies our incredible God. Music captivates, engages, inspires and communicates a timeless message of life, hope and love to new generations. Skylark’s worship department is called Extol and we are passionate about the presence of God.

Open to all, regardless of ability level, we have an incredible team of singers, musicians, creatives and technicians and are always looking for new people to join us.Extol meets on a Thursday evening in term times to worship together, get inspired, learn new skills and new songs. So, whether you are an accomplished musician or simply love to worship, we would love you to get involved.

Pete & Nicki, our Senior Leaders, are worship leaders and songwriters. They head up Extol along with a fantastic team and have also released two live worship albums, the most recent of which is available for free download.

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ADDRESS | 4 Hanbury Road CM1 3AE 

TEL | +44 (0)1245 255 775

EMAIL | enquiries@skylarkchurch.com


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Registered Company 5442866
Registered Charity 1109961
Reg Office 4 Hanbury Road CM1 3AE
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